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It requires quality, consistent and well-managed efforts to maintain a successful online presence of your brand. Website is the first platform which most of the users visit to develop certain impression of your brand and accordingly make their purchase choices. Regular website maintenance is an evident necessity.

You can count on Pageoweb’s reliable, secured and convenient web maintenance services tailored to your needs.

It is important to have a trusted team that takes care of your website during and after development process to ensure things run smoothly. Pageoweb team excels here.

Pageoweb is a leading website maintenance company which helps businesses make their website responsive, user-friendly, secure, fast and updated. We literally take care of everything:

  • Large & small business website development
  • Website maintenance and support services
  • Website redesigning
  • Ecommerce website maintenance services
  • Website updates
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Paid marketing
  • App development
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How Pageoweb Maintains Your Website Across Key Areas

Routine Checks

Our team makes sure your CMS remains updated especially when a new version gets released to make your website secure. This is crucial to make it run smoothly.

Plugin & Theme

Apart from core updates, our custom website maintenance services include updating plugins, site theme, etc. to facilitate improved security and avoid conflicts with plugins.

Analytics setup

Our team connects your website with your Google analytics and search account so that your website statistics are available to be viewed and thus gets valuable insights into how well your website performs. This paves the way for improvement, if needed, over a period of time. Our team knows the key performance indictors of a good, responsive and high-performance website.


Today, users have a very short attention span. Most of them will leave website which takes longer time to load. The majority of users want a website to load within 2 to 3 seconds. To avoid frustrating experience for users, our website support team makes sure it maintains its speed and responsiveness throughout.


At Pageoweb, database analysts and administrators both work collaboratively to reduce the time required to retrieve data and also maximize efficiency and speed of website. We remove unnecessary data, reduce database size, optimize tables and take appropriate measures to make user experience smooth.

Virus scanning

Our professionals check your website for malicious code, security threats, hacking, viruses, etc. and thus make sure your site remains absolutely secured. We have essential resources and tools ready to prevent security incident. Our team checks everything from server, networks to system for security.


With a sound website backup system, our customers get a peace of mind. Our team is well-prepared even for a worst scenario by ensuring that website can be easily restored, if needed.

Consistent monitoring

We regularly monitor your website for speed, security, user-friendliness, functionality, and efficiency. Our maintenance and support team keeps a check on your website to prevent downtime and helps every user to complete his or her task or process on website with ease and speed.


We equip your website with all security features to prevent attacks from hackers and safeguard crucial information.

Hosting security optimization

Our expert web maintenance services include premium security plugin and advanced hosting security. We may also create a duplicate site version while we test themes, updates and new plugins so that changes can be incorporated while your website remains live. This allows our team to avoid technical issues.


As your trusted website maintenance company in California, we are responsive to keep you updated with what steps we take to maintain a high-performance, secured and responsive website with regular reporting.

Connect with a group of dedicated website support professionals who will help you manage your website and also the image of your brand at Pageoweb – your website maintenance company in California.

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How Pageoweb’s Website Maintenance and Support Services Help

Pageoweb has created a step-by-step approach to website maintenance.

We generate outcomes aligned to your goal

We believe in guaranteed outcomes. We know what it takes to create responsive and user-friendly website that aligns to your business goals well and also make it run smoothly to deliver desired results and positive experience consistently for your business and every online visitor respectively. Due to years of experience, skills and expertise, we can guarantee positive outcomes. A well-maintained and supported website will help you to keep your target audience satisfied. It also improves search rankings. It also builds a positive image of the brand. Let the team Pageoweb helps you with comprehensive website maintenance services to boost site traffic, increase safety and enhance the experience your customers have.

We generate outcomes aligned to your goal
Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

We deliver expert web development, custom web redesigning, and web maintenance services at competitive pricing while ensuring every solution we create for our customer fulfills his or her exact needs. There is a lot our team can do for your local, e-commerce, small-scale or large-scale business website and digital marketing. Book consultation with the team Pageoweb to know more.

Full-funnel solution

Pageoweb offers a comprehensive range of perfectly curated web design, maintenance, app development and digital solutions to fulfill the needs of our customers. We offer custom and creative web design services in California, custom web redesign solutions, ecommerce web design, B2B web design and maintenance services dedicatedly. Hire your dream team that takes care of every digital presence you have or you wish to build for your brand to grow. Additionally, Pageoweb also specializes in

  • Website maintenance & support services
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • App development
  • Social media marketing
  • Blockchain services
Full-funnel solution
Timely delivery

Timely delivery

As one of the leading e-commerce website maintenance services in California, we know the value of time. Therefore, we have the established processes, technical and human resources and proven practices in place to deliver maintenance and support services within pre-defined timeframe. We have developed advanced systems in-house that enable us to offer quality maintenance services efficiently and therefore, our valued customers trust us with their important projects.

Multi-industry expertise

With extensive experience, Pageoweb has established itself as a top website maintenance company for multiple industries. We have worked with various clients from different industries and successfully provided them industry-specific web and digital solutions tailored to their business model, target audience, long-term and short-term goal. We are able to achieve customization of our services to this level because we handle every project objectively and collaboratively.

Pageoweb is a dedicated team of experienced UX designers, website analysts, administrators and developers to assist you with your website performance. Hire professional website maintenance service in California.

Multi-industry expertise

Experience our ecommerce website maintenance services always available for support.


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